What We Do:

Bridge Loans Lenders Company Direct Private Money



With collective decades of experience closing residential-commercial real estate acquisitions and refinancing. Bridge Loans Lenders Company is your legitimate licensed direct lending source for low interest rate private real estate funding. With nationwide interest rates from 6.99% why pay more? Call 310 596 4221 for a free expert loan officer consultation today.


We are direct private lenders for investment property (non/owner residential) and most commercial real estate properties. If you are looking to find private hard money funding, cash out refinance with bad credit, bridge financing for investment properties or stated income loans we can assist you. We offer direct short term and conduit long term loans for flexible financing parameters and quick underwriting.


Direct Hard Money Lender for Principals, Brokers and Agents:

We are a direct private funding company, call 310 596 4221 and talk to a direct decision maker today about investing and borrowing private capital. We work with family offices, real estate attorneys, asset managers, estate planners for investors, brokers, agents, bank managers and principal clients who need fast funding with a qualified licensed direct lending source.


Non Recourse Bridge Financing:

Talk to us about your needs for investment, business and commercial real estate non recourse bridge funding bad boy carve outs for your next deal. Need funding in Canada? We not only finance all 50 states, but Canada too!


We have decades of real estate financing experience and can provide real estate investors with a true direct private private money loan. We build trusted relationships with investors and borrowers who repeatedly use our services and refer us to other clients. With the direct capital to fund we have the ability to look at your deal and offer a no hassle fast decision.


 95% of our clients are referrals and return customers.

Our premise is the long term goal of helping clients with their specific funding requirements without the “aggressive hard money”pitch. Our track record of building 30 year relationships in the California real estate market means we have the expert knowledge to help you. Talk to us, we connect with those who are serious about real estate investing.     


Interest Rates

We provide low cost residential and commercial bridge loan interest rates from 6.99%, some restrictions may apply to borrowers specific needs. Stated income loans are somewhere between bridge loans and a conventional bank loan. Stated income loans, or low doc loans allow self- employed real estate investors an avenue for commercial and residential refinancing.


Commercial real estate and residential investment loans


We provide all types of funding from institutional commercial loans to bridge funding, commercial and residential stated income loans and rehab/ construction/ development financing. If you are looking for a direct California bridge lending company or nationwide hard money lender with rates from 6.99% (bad credit not an issue) you have found us! We value our relationships with experienced investors looking for the best capital rates in private financing.


 Apartments Rental Properties Investment Property


Property types include bridge loans for commerc